Guitarist Eduardo Isaac opens Douro Jazz Festival in Vila Real

The 15th edition of the International Douro Jazz Festival presents eight concerts, starting today, in Vila Real, and an evocation of artists who made the history of this musical genre, according to the Municipal Theater organization.

Argentine classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac stars in the opening concert, and “super trio” by Mário Laginha, with Julian Argüelles and Helge Norbakken, is announced as the “headlining” of the festival, for the presentation of the album “September”.

It is “an album of sublime beauty, celebration of what is best done in contemporary European jazz,” according to the Vila Real Theater, which scheduled the concert for the next day.

The Legacy, directed by Gileno Santana, in a tribute to Miles Davis, the project Elas and Jazz, which joins the voices of Joana Machado, Marta Hugon and Mariana Norton, in standards, the British Get The Blessing, linked to bands like Radiohaed, Portishead and Massive Atack, and Demian Cabaud, with the album “Astah”, are other names announced by the Trasmontano theater for the coming days of the festival.

The Phantom Trio, according to the Vila Real Theater, will “creatively improvise on various jazz references” and invite musicians from the region to a workshop, entitled to participate in the closing concert on the 13th.

For the educational service, the “AlgoRítmico”, a concerto film that “melts music and animated geometric compositions, relating music and mathematics” is proposed.

The general ticket of the Douro Jazz costs 18 euros.

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