Guitarist Gaspar Varela presents debut CD on Saturday

The sound of the Portuguese guitar fascinated the young Gaspar Varela, who started playing whit his great-grandmother, Celeste Rodrigues, and presents his debut album on Saturday in Lisbon.

“Gaspar” is the title of the CD, composed of 12 compositions by Carlos Paredes, one of his idols, Jan Tisky, “Lisboa ao Entardecer”, Jaime Santos, “Corridinho do Mestre Zé” and José Nunes, “Vira of Frielas “, among others.

On the CD and on the stage of the small auditorium of the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon, on Saturday at 9:00 p.m., 15-year old Gaspar Varela is accompanied by the musicians André Ramos in the viola and Francisco Gaspar in the bass viola.

Gaspar Varela told that the “Portuguese guitar sound” fascinated him, as did “the entire fado band”, having started playing to accompany Celeste Rodrigues, a fado singer who died last August at the age of 95.

“The sound of the Portuguese guitar and the way people sing, as they interpret fados, which is a beautiful song, with an extraordinary musicality, and the poems, even if some people still do not fully understand, people, “said the guitarist.

Referring to the album, Gaspar Varela stated that he had the support of his master, Paulo Parreira, who was honoured with the Amália Award for Best Instrumentalist in 2011, and opted for an alignment of “classical guitar”.

Among the themes recorded, the musician highlighted the participation of saxophonist Ricardo Toscano, in the theme “Mudar de Vida” by Carlos Paredes, composition for the film director Paulo Rocha, and referred to “Fado Celeste”, by Pedro Pinhal, in that at the end of the composition the voice of Celeste Rodrigues is heard.

“Song of Alcipe”, by Carlos Paredes, who also plays “Dança”, opens the CD, which includes “Lisboetas”, a composition signed by Gaspar and his brother Sebastião Varela.

Carlos Paredes and his father, Artur Paredes, are some of the idols of the young musician, who also mentioned Raul Nery, Jaime Santos and José Fontes Rocha, “and many others, so great and rich is a tradition.”

Recognizing the Portuguese guitar as “an instrument of the fado”, the musician emphasized his potential, “in particular to intertwine with other instruments and try other genres.”

Presenting solo on Saturday, Gaspar Varela stated that “he likes to play Portuguese guitar”, either as a soloist or accompanying fadistas.

The recital by Gaspar Varela and the CD edition are part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Fado Museum.

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