Francisco Camacho

  • (Porto) Rivoli | 15th and 16th September | Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 9:30 pm | Large Auditorium
  • (Lisbon) CCB | 23 Sep | Saturday | 7pm | Large Auditorium


  • Artistic direction and choreography Francisco Camacho
  • Dramaturgy André Lepecki
  • Music Sérgio Pelagio
  • Scenario Rafael Alvarez
  • Lighting Design and Technical Direction Frank Laubenheimer
  • Assistant Artistic Director Pietro Romani
  • Interpretation Beatriz Marques Dias, Beatriz Valentim, Begoña Mendéz, Bruno Senune, Carlota Lagido, Filipa Francisco, Francisco Rolo, Hugo Marmelada, João Oliveira, Magnum Soares, Mariana Tengner Barros, Marta Coutinho, Miguel Pereira, Rolando San Martín, Sofia Kafol


  • Acoustic and electric guitar, electronic Sérgio Pelágio
  • Double bass and electric bass Marco Franco
  • Drums Alexandre Frazão
  • New recordings (2023)/Edition and reassembly of the original soundtrack (1997) André Tavares
  • Production Director Lucinda Gomes
  • Executive Production and financial management Teresa de Brito
  • Executive Production Tiago Sgarbi
  • Intern Andreia Marinho
  • Photography Claudio Marques
  • Production Eira
  • Co-production Belém Cultural Center, Porto Municipal Theater
  • Support Portuguese Republic | DGArtes – General Directorate of Arts, CML | Seagulls Polo,
    Lisbon Congress Center | FIL

Special thanks to António Câmara Manuel, Cristina Piedade, David Miguel, Felix Santana, Isabel Peres, João Galante, João Samões, Nines Gómez, Paula Pereira, Ronald Burchi and Sara Vaz, who collaborated on the original creation in 1997, as well as co-producers Acarte /Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and O Acto.

This revival is dedicated to the memory of Paula Castro (1968-2007), who was part of the original cast of Gust performers.

In 1997, Gust presented itself as “a work without a theme in advance. But with a predetermined title, preceding the work.” After 26 years, Gust9723 is a work with/about/from this work without a theme in advance, but with a pre-given title, gestures, setting, atmosphere, scenes, sounds, and temporality. However, these pre-data do not necessarily predetermine the play today. Rather, they indicate paths that may or may not be followed. Today, the work with the «work without a theme beforehand» from 1997 is to make this Gust come not from (his) past, but from the renewed desire to offer him (another) future. — André Lepecki

Francisco Camacho directed 21 group shows and 20 solo shows, including pieces for stage and others for unconventional spaces, along with 11 co-authored works and several others in a pedagogical context, in the areas of dance and theater. He has worked for Paula Massano, Alain Platel, Carlota Lagido, Lúcia Sigalho, Filipa Francisco, Miguel Moreira, and Tónan Quito, highlighting regular collaboration with Meg Stuart. He founded and directs EIRA. He performed in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. He received the Bordalo/Casa da Imprensa (1995 and 1997) and ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão (1994/95 and Special Mention in 1992/93) awards.

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