Gwiker debuts at Rock in Rio Lisbon 2022

A healthy and sustainable snack brand will be present at the Festival in partnership with Tá Pronto. Gwiker already avoids more than 800 tons of fruit and vegetable waste a year.

Gwiker debuts at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022, on June 18, in partnership with Tá Pronto, Nordigal’s chilled meal brand. Dehydrated Portuguese fruit snacks and Healthy Balls are the brand’s best for the event, on the 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th of June.

This is a strategic partnership to participate in an event completely aligned with our project and which gives great visibility to the Gwiker brand. We work to offer a wide range of high-quality, practical and functional, nutritious, to-go snacks that are the result of a sustainable production process from start to finish. All this to respond effectively to an increasingly demanding consumer, both in terms of the quality of the products and the way they are produced and packaged”, underlines Diogo Maurício, CEO of Gwiker.

To transform these foods that are outside the norm – color, shape, caliber – Gwiker uses a sustainable dehydration process using solar energy, without the emission of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Gwiker products are 100% natural and clean label. This means that we do not use additives, colorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers, or any other artificial ingredients. Our mission is to produce with purpose, actively contributing to leaving a legacy of zero waste for future generations”, explains Diogo Maurício.

It is estimated that over 30% of food produced worldwide is lost or wasted. This is the equivalent of more than 1.3 billion tonnes per year. One of the company’s goals is not to contribute to this statistic, combining innovation and sustainability throughout the entire process and value chain. Every year, Gwiker already avoids the waste of more than 800 tons of fruits and vegetables and the objective is to continue to increase this number.

The company’s expectation is that 2022 will be a very positive year for the sector and that now, with the arrival of summer, consumers are betting on choosing healthy snacks, giving a great boost to the sale of this category of products.

About Gwiker
Gwiker was born in 2014, in Almoster, having currently headquartered its production unit in the Caldas da Rainha area. It is committed to a sustainable production process, which makes it possible to develop 100% natural products and, at the same time, avoid food waste. It produces a wide range of dehydrated fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on-to-go snacks, healthy, functional, nutritionally balanced, and free from dyes, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. REAL FOOD, NO GUILT!

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