Hans Zimmer’s music show marks its presence in Lisbon next year

The orchestra of composer Hans Zimmer, known for his work on contemporary movie soundtracks, will perform in Lisbon at the Altice Arena on April 3 next year, promoter Everything is New announced today.

The show “The World of Hans Zimmer – a Symphonic Celebration”, which also brings to Portugal the Australian composer and singer Lisa Gerrard, who regularly accompanies the work of Zimmer, joins some of the best known movie soundtracks of the day, with the presence of the composer, according to the site of the show.

“The Lion King”, “Gladiator”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Da Vinci Code”, “Batman” and more recently “Dunkirk” are some of the musical works whose “drama and sound depth” attribution of Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes to the artist, being therefore “recognized as one of the best ever in the category that represents”.

The staging of the show is expected to be surprising, according to the promoter, in that, following the production of light, sound and video “out of series,” will be projected the most exciting scenes of films that forever marked the history of movie theater.

Lisa Gerrard, of Dead Can Dance, a voice often present in Zimmer’s musical works, is the special guest of this show, whose tickets will go on sale on August 11th.

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