Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon honors Freddie Mercury with day dedicated to legend

Part of the ticket revenue for the event and the exclusive ‘Freddie for a Day’ pin revert to The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon (HRC) invites all Queen and good music fans to celebrate Freddie Mercury’s 72nd birthday with the ‘Freddie for a day’ event on September 5 at 11pm. In addition to honoring the artist’s life and work, the event also aims to raise awareness of the battle against HIV / AIDS by promoting fundraising for The Mercury Phoenix Trust Foundation.

This year, Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon and Queen Portugal, in close collaboration, will hold a different event from previous years, with several scheduled surprises, but the usual ‘Freddie For a Day’ will not fail to lack the elegant clothes and energy Freddie Mercury and promises to remember great hits like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Do not Stop Me Now’, ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘Barcelona’, in a tribute from the band ‘One Vision’ to the legacy of one of the greatest performers always.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon website, and there are two options: Hard Rock Magic Experience, which in addition to the concert includes a mustache and a beer or non alcoholic drink, and Hard Rock Absolute Experience, which includes dinner with a Special and limited menu consisting of starter, main course, dessert and drinks, reserved apneas on the mezzanine tables of the restaurant with a privileged view to the stage.

“Freddie Mercury was a legendary singer, songwriter and producer. It is a great honor to continue supporting the association The Mercury Phoenix Trust through the event ‘ “This year we are very excited to have been able to bring the program to new cities and, in parallel, to support this cause around the world, in addition to the European establishments that have participated in the event for six years.”

“The ‘Freddie for a Day’ initiative is a global HIV / AIDS awareness and advocacy campaign that allows fans around the world to help a cause and have fun while doing so,” said Cláudia Walker, director of the Mercury Phoenix Trust Association. “The entire Trust team is truly pleased with this partnership with HRC. It’s an incredible way to celebrate the memory of Freddie Mercury and simultaneously raise money for a social responsibility association created under your name to fight AIDS around the world. ”

Visit Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon on September 5 and celebrate the musical heritage of one of the world’s greatest musical references while supporting a charitable cause.

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