“Heaven and Hell” is the new single from Barry White Gone Wrong

Inspired by Dolly Parton, after seeing a documentary about the life of this great woman, Peter De Cuyper, lead singer of Barry White Gone Wrong, wrote the lyrics for “Heaven and Hell” on impulse!

The theme is the separation of a couple, but the song also talks about new love, doubts, and feelings of guilt caused by uncontrollable thoughts.

Composed by Barry White Gone Wrong (BWGW) and musician Tiago Albuquerque,Heaven and Hell” was originally born from the game between the vocal line and the lead guitar, over a rhythm guitar that gives direction to the theme. To this base, musician Carlos Borges added an inspired bass line, which called upon the addition of congas and drums, resulting in something unexpected and pulling the foot into the dance.

Recorded in early 2022, at Bora-Bora Club, in Lisbon, the music video for “Heaven and Hell” is an original idea by Miguel Décio. Composer, instrumentalist, voice, and musical direction of BWGW, in this song, he also accumulates the main voice with Peter.

About Barry White Gone Wrong
OS BWGW is a Portuguese-Belgian band formed in November 2010 by musicians who combine rock, soul, blues, and funk with the deep and iconic voice of Peter De Cuyper. The album debut only takes place in 2017 with “Tornado”, with production by Tatanka. Until then, they release singles such as “Glamour Road”, “Dynamite” or “The Day”, the latter with the very special collaboration of António Zambujo. The tour of “Tornado” takes them to travel through Europe and Africa. They return to records in 2019 with “Done”, followed by a tour with more than 40 dates in Europe. In the last year, they have edited and presented live several singles that are part of a collection of songs composed in times of pandemic.

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