“Heavy Heart” Sara Cruz’s new single

The Azorean artist released last Friday, April 3rd, her new single “Heavy Heart” – a song about trying to find strength in dismay.

In “Heavy Heart”, Sara Cruz’s voice walks between the melodic lines drawn by the guitars, in a magical and intimate environment that immediately arrests and disarms us.

This is the first theme that the singer-songwriter has presented since the release of “Above Our Heads”, her EP released in 2019.

Sara Cruz has performed in some of the most renowned Azorean stages – from theaters to summer festivals – having performed the first parts of concerts by several great names in Portuguese music. He performed in London and has also toured several districts of Portugal with his music.

In 2019 he was Novo Talento Fnac and also considered the “greatest young talent in Portugal”, as the winner of the New Talent NiT contest. The Azorean parliament publicly acknowledged the relevance of Sara Cruz, having given the artist a congratulatory vote.

“Heavy Heart” is now available on all digital platforms.
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