Heineken® calls on consumers to socialize responsibly

"We may not be so close now, but we are more united than ever"

A handshake, a strong hug, kisses of ‘hello’, a kiss of passion, a kiss for no reason, celebratory clapping, grabbing, walking, gathering friends … With so many ways to be together, now it’s staying apart that unites us more than ever

This is the message of the new campaign of the Heineken® brand, which launched an awareness video in which it calls on its consumers worldwide to socialize responsibly, in the face of the exceptional times that we live due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Heineken® has always sought to provide its consumers with unique experiences, differentiating and unforgettable moments, strengthening ties between friends.

In this unique context in which we live, of social detachment, Heineken® now asks everyone to comply with this quarantine responsibly, but also with a more positive perspective – whether through a video call with family members or a simple virtual gift with friends.

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