Heineken Live Your Music continues to offer music until the end of summer

Heineken continues to spread music to its consumers until the end of the summer, from North to South of Portugal, through Heineken Live Your Music.

This brand initiative consists of promoting events – concerts, DJ sets and even a promotion in which consumers can win thousands of music-related prizes, as well as a double trip to the Heineken Experience, in Amsterdam. This initiative started in June and will end in November, being exclusive to the HORECA channel.

Algarve hosts the performances of Tatanka, Tainá and Irma, between the 4th and the 19th of August, and in Lisbon, Dino d’Santiago, Rita Vian and Bárbara Bandeira perform, between the 2nd and 17th of September. In Porto, Da Chick and Tiago Nacarato already performed.

About participation in the competition, prizes and other information here.

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