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HELADO INFINITO (América Latina)

Tickets: € 3

Helado Infinito is a Chilean-Argentine duo composed by Loreta Neira (Chile) and Victor Borgert (Argentina) in March 2016. Born in La Plata (ARG), but expanded on a backpacking trip through Mexico, Helado Infinito independently recorded. and itinerant 8 of the 9 songs that make up his debut album “Dispersed Songs” (2017). The album was released thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that achieved excellent results and helped the couple return to Argentina after 1 and a half years of release and present the album live in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago and Valparaiso. Prior to the release of his album, HI flew from Cancun to Belgium and traveled Europe for 3 months, playing in Berlin (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden), London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Paris and Caen (France), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria). The duo’s work is characterized by the combination of pop, folk, hip-hop and electronic, always emphasizing existential and itinerant lyrics. Helado Infinito currently lives in Santiago, Chile, and they released four new songs: “Notes”, “I Don’t Want To Be Away”, “House” and “The Only Reason”.

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