Helder Morais, presents “Murais”

Teatro Maria Matos

It was last Tuesday, June 1st, that Murais presented for the first time, at Teatro Maria Matos, the songs of his first solo work, the album “Murais”. With this album, the singer, composer and keyboardist defines a space that he considers his own.

Murais was accompanied on stage by João Vairinhos on drums, Miguel Ferrador on synthesizers and João Cabrita on saxophone.

The album consists of 10 pop/rock songs, written by Murais, with lyrics about life, death, love and disaffection and difficult relationships, respect or lack of it, or even anguish and boredom. Benvidx”, “Manobra de Heimlich“, “Dentes Afiados”, Marialva”, “Acordadx”, “O Outono”, “Não Sou Pablo, Nada Muda” and “Catatua” are some of the themes of the album.

To sing “Until Tomorrow” with him, Murais calls his first guest, Catarina Munhá, to the stage, whom he considers “one of the best people he knows, one of the most generous people he has the pleasure of meeting, for whom he has great admiration and for that’s more than fair to call her to this concert, to share the stage with him.”

The second guest of Murais is País, a Brazilian singer, born in Recife, for whom he “also feels great admiration“, they sing “Oi Velho”.

Regarding the album Murais, he says that it was made somewhere between Lisbon and Recife, in Brazil, he had help in the production of Benque Ferraz, guitarist and producer of Boogarins. The album includes songs composed by him, old songs, the oldest is “Outono” written in 2011.

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