“Helena Cant’Autores Açorianos” reaches digital platforms

Helena Oliveira is from Ponta Delgada. From an early age, she became interested in music exercising the art of singing and exploring the horizons of traditionally rooted music and world music.

She is one of the most representative female voices in Azorean music, having received the “Açores Música 2006” Prize in the category of the best female voice in the region and has already participated in several programs produced by RTP Açores among them in the soundtrack of the telefilm “A Viagem”, in the documentary on the life and work of João de Melo and in the program “Entre Nós”, giving voice to the generic of both productions, and in the telefilm “As 7 Viagens de Jeremias Garajau”.

She recorded her first album, with the group Orpheu, “Amanhã” in 2000, this one being nominated for the José Afonso prize.

Helena Cant’Autores Açorianos“, designed to pay tribute to all those who have lent their artistic genius to the region, recognized and anonymous poets and musicians, who throughout the ages and with or without a signature have left us a legacy that is important to preserve and disseminate. It was released in physical format in December 2007. It has now reached digital platforms.

The presentation single is called “Poema Destinado a Haver Domingo“, with a poem by Natália Correia and music by Aníbal Raposo.

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