Help protect the planet with Earth Challenge 2020

Earth Challenge 2020 provides information about sustainable practices and activities that everyone can assume in their day-to-day activities. 

To mark the passage of the 50th Earth Day to the digital world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization responsible for commemorating the date launched the Earth Challenge 2020, an application where users can make a difference and help protect our planet.

The app is linked to some of the proposals for the 24-hour action challenge launched on the Earth Day website. In it, users will be able to document and share the air quality of their location. The information will then be added to a global database and will allow us to understand how human activity, or the lack of it, has an impact on the level of air pollution we breathe.

Pollution of the environment by plastics is another issue that has been worrying Humanity and “Reduce, reuse and reuse” become slogans. Through Earth Challenge 2020, users can document the levels of plastic pollution in their area, not forgetting to comply with all necessary safety measures in times of pandemic. The data will also be part of the Earth Day Network database.


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