Help4COVID19 platform channels help requests and forwards them to responses

Help4COVID19 intends to act as a catalyst to help victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking to forward requests to anyone who is able to respond quickly and appropriately to what is sought. All that is needed is a registration on the website created for the platform, which aims to be simple and intuitive to use.

The tool works in a forum format and is free to use, allowing interaction and dialogue between the two parties, who needs support and who can help.

If you need support, just fill out the form “Request support”, giving the respective personal data to validate the registration. On the other hand, using a similar process, there are professionals and specialists who intend to provide specific assistance, whether facilities, services, labor or donation of goods.

In the section of the website “Support projects” you can find several solidarity initiatives already created in a pandemic environment, which emerged with the aim of responding to different current problems.

The information is updated on a daily basis, allowing you to consult who has a specific need and see if there is already an initiative that can solve your problem in progress.

The project aims to be a quick and effective response to requests for help, avoiding the bureaucratic issues that often make the support process quick. The platform accumulates professionals in several areas who make time available to find solutions to problems that arise on the platform.

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