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Hermitage Museum shows collections online

At the conference, organized by the Russian news agency TASS, Piotrovski reported on the current day-to-day life of the museum, accustomed to being crowded with visitors and to which the covid-19 pandemic imposed the closing of doors.

The priority is to preserve the health of the collections so that visitors can return to enjoy the Hermitage when the epidemic passes, which has already infected more than 50 thousand people and killed another 500 in Russia.

Without risking any prognosis, the museum director is confident that the visitors will return, first the Russians and then the foreigners, who represent almost half of the public.

The museum did not cancel any of the planned exhibitions, but the events were postponed for a few months.

The closure is being taken advantage of to perform multiple tasks, from a digital inventory so that specialists can observe the works in real time to the care and feeding of the famous cats of the Hermitage, who fulfill the confinement in the museum.

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