Portuguese heroes are two-time champions

European Futsal Championship

Portugal is a two-time European futsal champion, after losing 2-0 in the final against Russia, it turns around and wins 4-2, in a game that they were giants against a Russia that sold the defeat very dearly.

The Portuguese futsal team joins the title of Futsal World Champion, two European championships, in a game that started to lose again, the Russians scored by Anton Sokolov in the 10th minute, and with Andrei Afanasyev, increasing the lead to 2 -0 shortly after.

Jorge Braz, who had asked for calm, in the time-out he asked for before the 2-0, kept calm and will in Portugal, even losing, all that wanting, will and belief, of course, it had its fruits, and even before after the first half ended, Tomás Paçó, following a set-piece, scored the first for Portugal, a result that reached half-time.

The second half started with Portugal at a great level, dominating the match, creating many opportunities, with the Russians however being very dangerous whenever they managed to reach André Sousa’s goal, who was extraordinary throughout the match, making saves from another world.

André Coelho at 27 minutes, again from a set-piece, shot hard, Putilov still touched the ball, but without being able to deflect it, and Portugal got the tie, the Portuguese very motivated, took the opportunity to continue attacking and at 32 minutes, André Coelho returned to score, the Ziggo Dome, almost collapsed with the joy of the Portuguese, who in the stands, celebrated the goal.

Portugal, turn the game around again, after Spain in the semi-final, it was Russia, the victim of the Portuguese team, this goal woke up Russia, which did everything to equalize, but the Portuguese heroes, did not let the ball arrive André Coelho’s nets, without ceremony, Erick, André Coelho, Afonso Jesus and Fábio Cecílio, sent the balls out, blocked the balls with their bodies, everything served to avoid the goal, with great courage and sacrifice, and when the ball passed, the best goalkeeper in the world, André Coelho, was there.

The Russians put the goalkeeper forward, but even so without success, Portugal closed very well, and it was even the Portuguese team, with Pany Varela scoring the fourth, with an open goal with a second to go, ending with the game.

The party is Portuguese, we are two-time European Futsal champions.

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