Highlander is Toyota’s new Hybrid SUV

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is scheduled to launch in Portugal in 2021.

The Highlander Hybrid is the result of 23 years of leadership in car electrification and 15 million models sold with Toyota’s “full-hybrid” technology. The Highlander Hybrid combines Toyota’s legendary Quality Durability and Reliability (QDF) with extensive experience in the SUV market.

Based on Toyota’s global GA-K platform, the Highlander combines all the comfort, dynamics and safety attributes of Toyota’s SUVs with the fuel efficiency and low emissions of hybrid drive. It also adds an intelligent four-wheel drive system, immense space and a towing capacity of up to 2 tons.

On board, the interior was designed to offer all the versatility and space expected from a 7-seater SUV, creating a premium and comfortable environment for all occupants.

The Highlander Hybrid is available in several exterior color options, while inside it has several compartments for storing objects, as well as USB ports for first and second row passengers.

The new Highlander Hybrid comes standard with the latest set of active safety systems – ‘Toyota Safety Sense’, systems that have been designed to help prevent or mitigate accidents in a wide range of situations.

Highlander’s Toyota Safety Sense includes pre-crash system (PCS) with emergency steering assistance, with daytime and nighttime pedestrian detection and daytime cyclist detection, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), with traffic sign recognition (RSA ), Intelligent Driving Assistance (LTA), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), High-beam lights with automatic control (AHB) and traffic sign recognition (RSA).


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