Hiking in the Serra do Montemuro with literature and theatre to the mix

A walk that reaches 24 kilometres, which runs through three municipalities in the Serra do Montemuro and which is verified with the literature of Eça de Queiroz or Aquilino Ribeiro is the proposal of three associations that want to promote the region.

Participants can choose the distance they want to travel and/or the cultural program they want to attend because the route has a total of 24 kilometres, but there are two intermediate stations with theatrical scenes,” told one of the organizers.

José Poças underlined that the first section has seven kilometres, the second 12 and the last five: “Through their physical capacity and/or their will and cultural or literary preference, they can participate“.

Literary walks through the Montemuro” is the name of the project that brought together the forces of the Association Mcher (Civic Civic movement ethnography and regionalism), Castro Daire, the Association of Defense of the Valley of Bestance, Cinfães, and the Association of Defense of the Vale de Cabrum (AVDRVC), in Resende.

“The project is scheduled for June 8, from 9:00 am in the village of Feirão, Resende, and throughout the course, which ends in the village of Aveloso, Cinfães, participants will hear readings of three works by authors who wrote about the Montemuro “and will be” offered with theatrical scenarios based on the same works “.

Eça de Queiroz, Aquilino Ribeiro, Abel Botelho, Amorim Girão, Joaquim Rodrigues da Cunha or Orlando Ribeiro will make themselves heard “in the precise location described by each of the authors and people will realize that things have not changed much“, with the exception of “for wind power,” he explained.

The village of Feirão is where Father Amaro was placed in the work of ‘The Crime of Padre Amaro’ by Eça de Queirós, and the first staging is soon there, and the first intermediate station, in the village of Gralheira, will have two scenarios, one in Alagoa de São João, “said the organizer.

In Gralheira, it starts again at Portas do Montemuro, Castro Daire, where there will be a visit to the wall “of unknown origin and unique in Portugal, because of its size, which without any settlement has a perimeter of kilometres and a half,” he said.

From there, the hikers go to the village of Aveloso where they expect a snack with only regional products and a serrano dance, that is, instead of the people are watching, they are invited to participate and will have the opportunity to learn the secular dance of the Montemuro, the contradiction.

The main objective of the project is to “make known the great heritage of Montemuro, which is still very unknown, which does not have much-built heritage, but a natural and human that is practically unique in the country.

It is common to go to a village in Montemuro without any warning and to see traditions that were made 200 or 300 years ago,” said the organizer, who gave as an example tilling with cows or using cattle as traction.

The organizers aim for the mountain “sustained and cultural tourism.”

We want tourism that does not create impact with nature, we want the tourism movement does not have a harmful impact on the lupine population that we still have in Montemuro,” said José Poças.

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