HIQ Consulting is now MoOngy

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The 15th anniversary of HIQ Consulting was celebrated with the reinvention of its identity, and the name change to MoOngy took place.

The change is part of the modernization process of the international Engineering and IT group started internally in 2020 and represents a step forward in its history.

The new identity reflects the group’s desire to have a redoubled action in the market, following the innovation trends of the present and, above all, of the future. This conviction is evident in the new signature: “Minds on the move”. The organization and activities of the companies that make up the now MoOngy group remain unchanged from the rebranding.

MoOngy is a network of agile consulting companies operating in the Engineering and IT sectors. They work energetically every day to make the impossible possible. It consists of 31 brands, which operate directly in 10 European countries and which carry out innovation processes with global reach. In the last fiscal year, it recorded a turnover of 374 million euros, with a team of more than 5500 professionals.

As a result of the internal modernization process and the launch of the new identity, MoOngy opened a new national headquarters on May 3. Located at Rua Sousa Martins, nº10, Lisbon (in Picoas), it has seven floors which include an auditorium with a capacity for about 80 people, 11 short meeting rooms, 5 rooms for face-to-face meetings, 4 rooms for online meetings, 1 examination center, 3 technical training rooms, 1 medical post, 2 dining areas, reception, lounge areas for leisure and an outdoor deck.

The preparation of the building followed a line of sustainability, including its best practices. It was planned to implement the group’s Smart Working program, which reconciles remote and face-to-face work in order to provide favorable work-life balance conditions to employees and the best quality of service to customers.

The concept of the office is based on Portuguese culture, with practically all materials and decoration having national motives and aim to honor the strength of a group that was born in Portugal in 2005 and went international a few years later.

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