Historic “amateur” theater festival in Évora

The 25th edition of the Évora Amateur Theater Festival (FESTAE), considered the oldest of its kind in the country, is on the scene in the Alentejo city as of today, with seven initiatives in progress.

Organized by Joaquim António d’Aguiar, Joaquim António d’Aguiar, this year’s edition of the event, which starts at 5:30 p.m. today, continues until the 29th, in various spaces of the city, and is constituted for six shows and for the launch of a book.

“From theater, amateur or professional, through poetry, with the presentation of the latest work by Filipe Chinita, and still by puppets, FESTAE continues to assert itself as an important cultural brand in the territory,” according to the organization.

The festival, whose first edition took place in 1965, is the oldest fair of the genre held regularly and continuously in Portugal.

“Agostinho e Felicidade” is the street play and animated forms, carried out by the Boca de Cão company, from Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto), which gives today the “kick off” of the program, in Praça do Giraldo.

A co-production of two structures in Évora, the Harmonia Eborense Society and the Boys of Graça_Arcult Creation Platform, titled “H2Ode”, from Álvaro de Campos’s “Ode Marítima” (one of Fernando Pessoa’s heteronyms), is the spectacle which is presented at SOIR headquarters on the 23rd.

At the FESTAE, the Teatro de Resende Theater, the comedy “Fantasmas?” Is also included on the 24th, based on a text by the Italian playwright Eduardo de Filippo, in a co-production of the Dramatic Center of Évora (Cendrev) and TEatroensaio , from Porto, which debuted earlier this month in Évora.

As for the launch of the latest book by Filipe Chinita, with the title “Red Eu – Colectiva.mente por esse Alentejo a.fora”, the author’s 10th work of poetry, is scheduled for the 25th, at SOIR.

The next day, The Bubble – Theater Company with Puppets promises to delight “kids and adults” with the adaptation of texts by Hans Christian Andersen, at the headquarters of the parishes of Malagueira and Bacelo.

Already the company Trulé – Investigation of Animated Forms, of this Alentejo city, announces its spectacle “My more … Marionetas”, on the 27th, at the headquarters of the Humanity and Respect Elderly Association of Évora.

The festival ends on the 29th with the performance of Bertolt Brecht’s most recent play by SOIR’s Joaquim António d’Aguiar SOIR Scenic Group.

The FESTAE is supported by the chamber, Regional Directorate of Culture of the Alentejo and several parishes of the city.

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