HMB, Lena d’Água, Paulo de Carvalho, PRETÚ, Marco Rodrigues, and much more, on the 2nd day of the Festa do Avante!

“The Revolution in Art and Art in the Revolution” was the motto of the 45th Festa do Avante from 3 to 5 September, in Seixal

The Festa do Avante! is a political-cultural event organized by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), the largest and the first event of its kind held in Portugal since 1976, and held since 1990 at Quinta da Atalaia, in Seixal. The 2021 edition marked the centenary of the Portuguese Communist Party, the 47th anniversary of the April Revolution, and the 45th anniversary of the approval and enactment of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

This year, the Festa still suffered from prevention measures against COVID19, but managed to increase by 23,000 tickets compared to the 2020 edition, now having a maximum capacity of 40,000 visitors at the venue.

The opening of the doors to the enclosure on the second day was made at 10:00 am where only visitors with EP and negative covid19 test, or digital vaccination certificate, entered. There was also a test area available to visitors at the entrance to the party, at a cost of €5 per test.

As usual, the Festa do Avante! featured a diverse cultural program full of music, theater, sports, cinema, debates, exhibitions, book and record fairs, and much more, with spaces for the whole family and for all ages.

The Palco 25 de Abril hosted GDM, at 4:30 pm, followed by Johnny Vs Betty, Paulo Flores with Yuri da Cunha and Prodígio, PRETÚ with Dino d’Santiago, Scúru Fitchádu and Cachupa Psydélica, Paulo de Carvalho with Marco Rodrigues and Mafalda Sachetti and, closing the main stage at 11 pm, HMB with Lena d’Água.

Daniel Pereira Cristo with Carla Pires and Catarina Silva, Cabrita with Tó Trips and Stereossauro, Bateu Matou with Dino d’Santiago, Héber Marques and Pité, A Garota Não with Ohmonizciente, Budda Power Blues & Maria João, and Violet also took the stage at the 1º de Maio Auditorium.

The music continued on Palco Paz with Puçanga, Zé Cantigas & El Gordo, La Mauvaise Réputation, Orquestra de Foles, Os Burricos and Charanga. Not forgetting Miguel Araújo at Cidade da Juventude and the musical moments at Espaço Fado.

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