Holly Humberston releases “Superbloodmoon” feat. d4vd

The song is taken from the singer’s highly anticipated debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black, out October 13th.

From her personal iPhone notes: “Superbloodmoon in the sky, you can see it from where you are?”, Holly Humberstone has just released “Superbloodmoon” on d4vd, the third song taken from her highly anticipated debut album “Paint My Bedroom Black ”, which will be released on October 13, 2023.

A Super Blood Moon is when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse and the sky turns red, and Holly loved the idea of how rare this phenomenon is. The singer met hugely popular American singer/songwriter d4vd in London at longtime collaborator Rob Milton’s studio, and they both wrote the song in a few hours, imagining two people looking at the rare lunar eclipse from opposite sides of the world.

Inspired by its context and how it affects its personality and identity, from the theme about the parental home “Haunted House” to the experiences in London apartments described in the theme “The Walls Are Way To Thin”, “Superbloodmoon” reflects the landscape that surrounds Holly, traveling the world, on tour, and trying to find an anchor and missing loved ones.

This year the artist was in Portugal as part of this tour, having given an incredible concert at the 10th edition of Primavera Sound Porto.
“Holly and I met in London and wrote this song in a few hours. It was really easy and special. We both loved the idea of a Super Blood Moon and two people witnessing the same thing, no matter where they are in the world. We also played together at my show in London a few months ago, which was my first time collaborating with anyone on stage and it was a lot of fun. I feel so grateful to Holly for having me on this song.”d4vd.
“I’ve been a huge fan of d4vd’s work for a year now and was lucky enough to catch him when he was in London. We went into the studio and wrote ‘Superbloodmoon’. It came very naturally as we had been on tour for what felt like forever and wanted to write about the feelings that come with leaving home and loved ones behind. I had the title of the song in my notes, and it came from there. We write about witnessing the same thing from opposite sides of the world and feeling alone yet simultaneously connected through that experience. I love this song and am so grateful to d4vd for bringing it to life with me.”Holly Humberstone.

This year the artist was in Portugal as part of this tour, having given an incredible concert at the 10th edition of Primavera Sound Porto.

Holly Humberstone’s debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black, represents her coming of age, growing up as an unknown playing her parents’ piano to become one of the most exciting alternative pop stars of her generation. The dark, otherworldly space that Holly has constructed, both sonically and visually, has been lucid and visceral, with the camera always at her shoulder, a lens on her chaotic thoughts and deep feelings.

Having already been nominated for two Ivor Novello Awards, she also won the BRIT Rising Star in 2022 and was second in the BBC Sound Of 2021. The rising star released “Antichrist” and “Room Service” last month, singles that reflect her introspection and extroversion, two opposing artistic realities that inform Holly’s lyricism and sound. “I almost always feel like two different people. My biggest challenge is to do something that I feel like I’ve never done before, that reflects new parts of me.” Holly’s new parts appear in “Antichrist,” a revealing image of her last love affair, a heartbreaking ballad: “Am I the Antichrist? How do I sleep at night?”, theme combined with the delicate “Room Service”, an ode to isolation from the world. The intro to these two wildly different songs is like a revolving door to Holly Humberstone’s visceral duality.

Tendo já sido nomeada para dois prémios Ivor Novello, ganhou ainda o BRIT Rising Star em 2022 e ficou em segundo lugar no BBC Sound Of 2021. A estrela em ascensão lançou “Antichrist” e “Room Service” no último mês, singles que refletem a sua introspeção e extroversão, duas realidades artísticas opostas que informam o lirismo e a sonoridade de Holly. “Sinto-me quase sempre como duas pessoas diferentes. O meu maior desafio é fazer algo que sinto que nunca fiz antes, que reflita novas partes de mim.” As novas partes de Holly aparecem em “Antichrist”, uma imagem reveladora da sua última relação amorosa, uma balada de partir o coração: “Am I the Antichrist? How do I sleep at night?”, tema aliado ao delicado “Room Service”, uma ode ao isolamento do mundo. A introdução destas duas canções totalmente diferentes são como como uma porta giratória para a dualidade visceral de Holly Humberstone.
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