Home smart home! Xiaomi came to change the saying

Having a Smart Home is simple, functional, and economical with Xiaomi. The brand offers a vast portfolio of equipment for your home, all of them controllable through the Mi Home app, easy to install, and intuitive to use.

The Xiaomi product ecosystem for your home
The vast ecosystem of Xiaomi products, which allow you to improve your life at home, ranges from lights, speakers, and video surveillance cameras (indoors and out), to vacuums, fans, and air purifiers. From kettles, electric brushes, and dryers to deep fryers, routers, and motion sensors.

In this world where there is no shortage of alternatives, smart sockets are one of the first must-haves. With this simple and economical device, you can control any electrical equipment through the Mi Home app and by voice control. Turning off a fan, a hair curler, or a television remote, through Google assistant, for example, is just one of the advantages.

Also, the smart lamps, controllable through the app or by voice command, with different shades and intensities, allow you to customize the atmosphere of your home to your liking. And all the other devices combine utility with simplicity, connectivity, and quality at an increasingly affordable price for everyone.

Mi Home: an app, all the control of your devices
In addition to all these devices converging in a single app – Mi Home – which, through a few clicks, allows you to control, monitor, program, and see the status of the battery, filters, etc., they can also be connected to each other. You can, for example, connect the night motion sensor – the Yeelight Motion Nightlight Sensor – to your bedside lamp, so that it lights up whenever you get up in the middle of the night.

In addition to connectivity, this equipment is equipped with an energy-saving system, can be placed in “sleeping mode” and can be grouped by zones. You can, for example, group all the lights in your living room and set them to turn on automatically and together, when you get home.

Programming your routines on a Xiaomi Smart Home
Did you know that, through the Mi Home app, you can create scenarios with your routines at home and, for example, define the behavior of your equipment when you wake up, when you get home when you go to bed, and during the night?

This connectivity allows you to define from what time you want your time to wake up, sleep, get home, etc., during the week and at the weekend, and, from there, this interconnected system starts a series of previously defined gadgets, automatically and in the chosen time periods.

In wake-up mode you can, for example, set that: start by turning on your Mi Smart speaker with your favorite music and the night light you have chosen to wake up. You can connect your electric kettle – the Mi Smart Kettle Pro Electric Kettle – remotely to reheat the water from the previous day and set that you want the water to stay hot for an hour so that those who wake up later can also drink hot tea when they wake up. Even without getting out of bed, you can turn on your Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro EU to start your day even cooler!

In leaving home mode, you can, for example, set all equipment to turn off, with the exception of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2Pro vacuum cleaner that starts its cleaning route throughout the house.

In the way to get home, you can, for example, set the Mi Air Pro air purifier on half an hour before you arrive – when you are leaving work – and that, upon arrival, all the lights in the room are turned on and the Mi Smart speaker to welcome you in a good mood.

In sleep mode, for example, you can set that half an hour before going to bed, all the lights dim and go from white to a more yellowish hue, inviting you to rest.

There are many options to choose from so you can have a smart home that suits your lifestyle and needs. One thing is for sure, with a single app with improved interfaces and user-friendly use, Xiaomi has managed to make the control of all equipment and the lives of those who use them much easier.

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