Home Tour promotes tours inside the house

The initiative comes from the Portuguese agency Ya Ya Yeah.

The first session, launched today, is by Magon, an artist who saw his Iberian tour canceled due to the pandemic.

Home Tour Sessions are tours made by musicians inside the house where they are quarantined or socially isolated. The project aims to promote artistic creation in a non-ephemeral way and provide financial support to those involved. The first video, recorded in France, shows Magon at his home and is, since today, available on YouTube.

Magon opens the hosts of the project with the presentation of three songs, one of them unpublished. It was from Montmorency, a small town near Paris, that the musician recorded his Home Tour. Magon, who saw his first Iberian tour canceled due to the pandemic, would come to Portugal and Spain for the first time in March.

The idea of ​​the Home Tour came after the Portuguese agency Ya Ya Yeah, which works closely with national and international artists, had all tours that had been scheduled for different bands and artists canceled. “Since they can’t walk the road, we decided to transfer our work to the current situation and invite several musicians to tour their own home”, says one of the promoters of the initiative.

Through the crowdfunding campaign created for this purpose, the possibility is given to anyone to financially support the artists involved. Ya Ya Yeah explains that, in this way, a small contribution will be helping several artists at the same time, thus also promoting a wave of mutual aid.

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