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Honda Collection Virtual Tour

Inaugurated in 1998, to celebrate Honda’s 50th anniversary as well as to demonstrate the dreams and passion that inspired the mass production of automobiles and racing machines. This initiative can help keep minds busy while staying at home due to the current circumstances we are experiencing.

The virtual tour recreates a physical visit to the museum, allowing us to imagine that we truly traveled to the Honda home to relive the 70 years of the brand’s history through its most iconic products. Without having to leave the sofa or the desk, it is possible to explore the three floors of the museum and observe the vast collection of vehicles that were truly hits for Honda.

The second floor contains the sections for automobiles, motorcycles and motorized products, where the star is the first “compact sports” model of 1963, the S500. As well as the brand’s legendary models, Prelude, NSX and Civic, the exhibition also offers an overview of the evolution of the Japanese automotive sector, with a special focus on micro cars or Japanese kei cars, which are hugely successful in the Japanese market.

Also on display are some of the manufacturer’s first models, such as the Honda N360, which was the first mass-produced micro car that was available for sale in 1967. Among the iconic bikes on display we find the CB750, which corresponds to the first motorcycle with 4 cylinders from the world to be produced in mass and with oval pistons NR.

The third floor is dedicated to Honda’s competitive side, where we can see Honda GTs and motorcycles already used in competition or even in competition. In this section, there are some pieces that are particularly iconic, such as a McLaren-Honda, driven by Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna and the 6-cylinder RC166 that added up victories in the Isle of Man TT with Mike Hailwood.

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