“Hostel da Mariquinhas” by Gisela João is now available

the Casa da Mariquinhas of modern times would be a hostel

After appearing as an extra track on the vinyl edition of AuRora – the artist’s most recent album – Gisela João now makes ‘Hostel da Mariquinhas’ available on digital platforms.

Amália Rodrigues updated Alfredo Marceneiro’s A Casa da Mariquinhas into ‘Vou Dar de Beber à Dor‘ – a song that became known to the general public. This time, taking Amália’s version and recovering Marceneiro’s origin, Capicua once again reinvented the lyrics of this classic. Gisela João thus sings Hostel da Mariquinhas, a satire on the gentrification of the city of Lisbon.

In 2013, on her first album, the fado singer had already presented ‘[A Casa da] Mariquinhas’, which reflected what was happening in Portugal at that time – a Portugal that had forgotten about itself. “This Mariquinhas Hostel is a mirror of the current situation in my country. Ana [Capicua] wrote these lyrics in a column for a magazine, and I immediately asked her to record them. I was immediately impacted by Ana’s writing, more than necessary”, commented the artist.

At a time when the real estate crisis is on the agenda, with the Portuguese being progressively pushed away to the periphery, the ‘Hostel da Mariquinhas’ couldn’t have a more up-to-date message. With Capicua’s sharp writing, Gisela João’s intense and expressive interpretation enhances the joking criticism of a country that is, more and more, “for the English to see”.

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