Hotel Force, an innovative free mentoring project in the hospitality industry

In Portugal and in the world, we live in a decisive moment for the economy and for the tourism sector, in which recovery has become the keyword. Hospitality turned out to be one of the areas most affected by the crisis, but it is now beginning a phase of recovery and adaptation to a new reality, through the implementation of new procedures in order to win the confidence of travellers.

Support and incentive programs have been created, working groups and synergies between companies and organizations are increasingly valued and necessary. Among the efforts brought together, we highlight the Hotel Force project.

Hotel Force is a voluntary program, designed by a group of industry professionals at an international level and which aims to support the hotel units through a set of mentoring sessions. These sessions, beginning in June, have the characteristic of being given individually and completely free of charge. Hotel units can take advantage of a range of skills, available through contact with a group of experienced specialists from different nationalities.

Through an hour of consultation, the mentor will guide the hotelier in recovering his business, through personalized advice to his business in areas such as Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, Guest Experience, Contactless & Upselling, Marketing and Communication, Operation & Management or Revenue & Pricing.

All details are available on the platform’s website

According to Ruben Obadia, Managing Director of Message in a Bottle, and one of the mentors: “I believe that through this project it will be possible to reinforce hoteliers’ confidence in order to resume their activity more informed and more aware of the needs of their audience, and may even anticipate them.

Gianfranco Morbini was the one who idealized Hotel Force and created the formula based on a network of mentors made up of specialists from different nationalities who offer their time to help hoteliers overcome the difficult phase the sector is going through: “In this crisis, we are all in the same boat and therefore nobody should recover alone. It is time for us to be united ”, justifies the responsible.

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