Hotel Londres is a bet on security

The current state of the world has postponed many trips, many desires to visit new places, new hotels, new worlds and adventures. In the course of the global crisis caused by COVID-19, many hotel units were forced to close indefinitely.

One of the most emblematic hotels in the area of ​​Estoril and Cascais, the Hotel Londres, in view of this panorama, decided not to close its doors. The hotel unit reserved one of its wings exclusively to accommodate the professionals who daily fought on the front line.

In order to help alleviate the difficult situation that Portugal, and the rest of the world, have experienced in recent months, Hotel Londres decided to unconditionally support all those who expose themselves daily to protect the rest of the national population.

One of the wings of the Hotel was specially prepared to receive these professionals, while the other remained open to continue receiving tourists who sought this accommodation, continuing to place great trust in their team.

With the motto “Your safety is our safety”, Hotel Londres has reorganized itself in order to receive its guests with all hygiene and safety precautions, elaborating a contingency plan implemented according to the recommendations of DGS – General Directorate of Health and WHO – World Health Organization.

In addition to fundamental measures such as social distance, the use of PPE’s is mandatory for all employees, individual breakfasts in picnic baskets for take-away, individual air conditioning systems, among other measures.

The Hotel’s Housekeeping department also received professional training from a company specialized in hospital cleaning. This action offers a fundamental know-how to Hotel Londres employees in order to fulfill the mission of guaranteeing rigorous hygiene and disinfection, thus contributing to the safety of all.

Hotel Londres already presents the Clean & Safe Seal – a seal created by Turismo de Portugal that recognizes companies in the Tourism sector that ensure compliance with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections, reinforcing thus, the tourist’s confidence in the establishment.

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