Hotel Santa Margarida joins the “Arte à Porta” initiative

The initiative “Arte à Porta” is taking place in the municipality of Oleiros, which has already decorated more than thirty doors and aims to exceed six dozen.

With the objective of intervening doors, gates, showcases of vacant buildings or not, all located in the historic and old area of ​​the village of Oleiros, this urban art project aims to create an open-air art gallery. This project is supported by Hotel Santa Margarida and aims to communicate the valorization and dynamism of the local cultural heritage.

Hotel Santa Margarida is located in one of the most iconic places in Vila de Oleiros, next to the intersection of several walking routes.

With a total of 23 rooms and suites, it has a design that combines contemporary with traditional style and has a range of facilities such as the Callum restaurant, bar, auditorium, dining room, SPA, gardens, sauna, Turkish bath, gym. , local products store, swimming pool and tea house, the last two being located in the surroundings of the banks of the Oleiros stream.

Hotel Santa Margarida offers a set of experiences for guests to enjoy the best of the region. A day spent on the Fluvial beach of Açude do Pinto, a stroll along the Appalachian Trail, a picnic by the water during walking routes through the region, or the climbing adventure of via Ferrata.

To complete the experience it is possible to enjoy the regional cuisine and taste the emblematic Cabrito Estonado served for Sunday lunch at the Callum restaurant, named after a grape variety from the region.

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