Hoti Hoteis launches online check-in with integrated payment

Hoti Hoteis takes another step in providing personalized contactless digital solutions, to ensure the safety and comfort of its customers. From now on, it is already possible to check in online with integrated payment through the Group’s WebApp.

With this new tool, Hoti Hoteis intends to give more autonomy to its customers, providing a more secure and complete check-in process, which allows the guest to pay for their stay during check-in.

“With this new solution, we provide the guest with a fully integrated experience. In addition, the guest only contacts with their own equipment, making the process more hygienic and safer,” says Henrique Ferreira, Director of Grupo Hoti Hoteis.

Due to the new needs that have emerged in the last year, the company has strengthened its investment in technology, to provide even more security and confidence. In addition, the implementation of this tool has had a very positive impact on the operation of the hotels, as it has allowed them to optimize the work of the teams and increase the sales opportunities for their services.

“With Online Check-In, we streamline the process of collecting data and payments, thus making the reception entirely available to put into practice the ‘art of welcoming’ our guests” adds Henrique Ferreira.

“In addition, Online Check-In enhances some Sales and Marketing opportunities: from the moment the guest transmits his or her consent regarding GDPR, Sales and Marketing actions can be developed before, during and after the stay through up-selling push-message techniques that enhance spa reservations, booking in restaurants, upgrading rooms, selling services, among others.”

The Hoti Hoteis WebApp was launched earlier this year, in order to meet the needs of security, comfort and practicality of guests. In addition to check-in, the App allows access to various information about the services of the Group’s units, reducing the need for personal interaction.

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