Hoti Hotels celebrate Chestnut Week

From 7 to 14 November, 8 units of the Hoti Hoteis Group celebrate São Martinho with special menus for Magusto. In each of the restaurants, allusive menus composed of delicious dishes based on chestnuts and other seasonal products will be available.

In these creative recipes, chestnuts are combined with noble meats, in soups, purées or delicious desserts. There are also vegetarian options. Foodies have many dishes to choose from from north to south of the country. At the Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa, the highlight goes to the “Cappuccino” entrance of Chestnut and Croquette of Partridge and Dried Fruits.

At the Hotel Meliá Setúbal, you cannot fail to taste the Girl Pumpkin Cream with Chestnut Crunchy, while at the Meliá Castelo Branco Restaurant it is the Seitan with Chestnut Puree and Vegetable Sauté that draws your attention.

The Meliá Ria Hotel & Spa (Aveiro) highlights the Iberian Pork Loin with Quince Jam, Açorda de Enchidos and Castanha; while the menu at the TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto Restaurant highlights Tamboril with Chestnuts and Fennel. Finally, the Star inn Peniche celebrates São Martinho with a Chestnut Cake and Black Chocolate.

All dishes are accompanied by wines from each region and other typical drinks of the time, such as jeropiga.

The initiative is evident in the following hotels of the Hoti Hoteis Group, from north to south of the country: Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa, Meliá Ria Hotel & Spa, Meliá Setúbal, Meliá Castelo Branco, TRYP Porto Expo, TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto and at the Star inn Peniche. The Meliá Madeira Mare Resort Hotel & Spa celebrates the date with a festive menu available only on the 11th of November.

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