How to clean our mixers. A recommendation by hansgrohe

The bathroom and the kitchen are two of the most used in our homes, and keeping them clean and in good condition is decisive for the well-being of families.

In a context like the current one, in which home taps are used, the Hansgrohe bathroom and kitchen solutions company offers a quick guide for removing dirt, food, cosmetics or toothpaste residues, among others.
With the hashtag #euficoemcasa, the German company aims to raise awareness and offer useful content to users for their homes.

Use a soft cloth and non-abrasive products. It is essential to use a soft cloth (moisten if necessary) to remove the remains of dirt from the mixers and showers.
In addition, the use of abrasive products that can damage mixers should be avoided. For consumers who have opted for special finishes, they should dispense with the use of mops, microfiber cloths and brushes that can damage the mixers.

Daily and intensive cleaning. The intensive use of mixers makes this product a product that needs constant cleaning and maintenance. Regular removal of dirt and lime residue prevents damage. Hansgrohe’s recommendation is to dedicate a few minutes a day to the mixers, instead of just one day a week.

Technology is an ally. The technological innovations designed by hansgrohe can be a great ally to increase the durability of the mixer.
A clear example is Quickclean, a hansgrohe technology that allows you to easily remove debris and lime deposits from the silicone nozzles by rubbing with a finger or a damp cloth. Quickclean is found in dishwasher mixers, bathtubs, showers, hand showers and bidet mixers.

Prevents unnecessary lime build-up. Limestone residues are deposited mainly in the corners and joints of the mixers. Regular cleaning prevents scale build-up: the user should use a mild citric acid cleaner and apply it to a cloth, not directly to the mixer.
Limestone is one of the greatest enemies.

The traces of calcium and magnesium crystallize and form a white layer, the limestone, which must be removed daily, otherwise it will accumulate in different layers that make cleaning difficult. The backoffice of a large company in the acquisition of mixers is an asset and the importance of a good technical service is essential for any eventuality.

The speed and efficiency of the technical service from hansgrohe allows us to enjoy our mixers for longer and with higher quality.
In addition, outside the mandatory warranty, hansgrohe offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty from the purchase of the product. The German company’s products are subject to demanding factory tests and, therefore, the “Made by hansgrohe” distinction is synonymous with high quality standards.

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