Huawei “determined” to develop 5G in Portugal

China’s Huawei said Monday it was “determined” to continue bringing to Portugal “the most innovative technologies and products, including 5G technology.

Huawei is determined to continue to bring to Portugal the most innovative technologies and products, including 5G technology [fifth generation of mobile internet], which leads the world,” said the multinational telecommunications company in a written statement sent.

Stressing to operate “in more than 170 countries and regions” and providing “secure and innovative telecommunications network equipment and smartphones to more than three billion people,” Huawei said it “has not had any cybersecurity 30 years“.

“Huawei does not allow and will never allow any undue sharing of data through its equipment,” he said, calling for “not to distort the evolution of technology with a discussion of international geopolitical interests” and recognizing “the support of its customers around the world, in particular, its customers in Portugal.

The United States is among a group of countries that have voiced concerns about the security of services provided by China’s Huawei for allegedly being under the influence of Beijing, and its 5G networks have been banned from some markets for national security reasons. Along the same lines, Brussels also said that European Union countries should be concerned about the risks of delivering the 5G network to Chinese companies such as Huawei.

In December last year, during the visit to Lisbon of Chinese President Xi Jinping, an agreement was signed between Altice and the Chinese company to develop the next generation mobile network in the Portuguese market.

When asked about Portugal’s relationship with Huawei, considering this scenario, the executive president of Altice Portugal said that the Chinese multinational is a strategic partner, but that if there are “political decisions antagonistic” the owner Meo will have to “study and clarify” how you can work in that environment.

Huawei is a global player, and there are countries that have decided to ban them from this perspective,” Alexandre Fonseca said, adding: “I admit it is a scenario. Altice, in particular, Altice Portugal, are a strategic partner, have lived up to their challenges. We have no suspicion of any kind of less stringent action on the part of Huawei.

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