Hugo Negrelli presents debut album

Auditório CCOP at Porto

The Portuguese-French guitarist, singer and composer, Hugo Negrelli, presents his debut album “Loose Frame Tales” at the CCOP Auditorium, in Porto, on the 18th of November.

Composed of poetic folk ballads, jazz, blues and fusion themes, this record is a journey through the musician’s journey, with the guitar and voice at the helm.

Born in Coimbra, Hugo Negrelli participated in a children’s orchestra and at the age of 12 he started playing the guitar. At that time he discovered the blues and began to explore different musical styles and genres: jazz, R&B, funk, country, gospel, folk and classical. He attended secondary school at the Escola de Música e Jazz de Mafra and went through JB Jazz. He studied Communication Sciences, at the University of Lisbon, and Creative World Music, at the Superior School of Technologies and Arts in Lisbon. He recently attended the London Music School.

Classes with Pedro Madaleno, Nuno Ferreira, Nuno Marinho and Múcio Sá contributed to his training. He has participated in workshops with Julian Lage, Isaiah Sharkey, Guthrie Govan, Tom Quayle and Marco Bosco. For four years he participated in jam sessions at Barzinho, in Ribamar, with Bruce Henri, Nanã Sousa Dias and Manuel Rocha. And he was part of some musical shows, such as the Bruce Henri Quartet and Trio Cadmira+1, being the co-author of the original music for three plays by Companhia de Teatro A Tribo.

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