Hundreds of superheroes arrive in Oeiras to participate in Comic Con

Hundreds of superheroes are occupying the Algés maritime promenade in Oeiras to participate in the Comic Con world, which takes place for the first time in the region of Lisbon and continues until Sunday.

The event, which runs in the fifth edition, had taken place in the last four years at Exponor, in Matosinhos, in the Porto district.

The move to the capital’s area has allowed the Comic Com enclosure now to cover a total space of 100,000 meters, in which ten thematic areas are distributed.

Who enters the space immerses in a reality where it jumps to the eye a fan of well-known personages of the video games, of the series and films of animation.

One of the examples is Daniel, who dressed as Harley Quinn’s “Suicidal Squad”, said that this is his fourth consecutive year in which he participates in Comic Con.

“It’s my Comic Con room, but I’ve already participated in other smaller events. I came with a different expectation because I left Porto and I’m from above, but I’m enjoying it very much. I was surprised by the positive, “he said, expressing great enthusiasm.

A few meters ahead, he met André Muros, who traveled from Faro to Lisbon to visit Comic Con, taking advantage of having relatives living in Lisbon.

“It was more or less what I was expecting.I had a slightly different idea, but it’s more of the same energy that you feel at this kind of conventions.I had never come to one that was outdoors,” said the young Algarvian, while parading around the room dressed as a character from the Rainbow Six video game.

In the Cosplay stand, one of the most popular of this event, where everyone can dream of being a movie or videogame character, Andreia Morgado, accompanied by her young daughter, became Princess Dejah.

“I’ve seen it on television, but it seems like a whole other world. It seems like people here personify even the characters they like and they feel like they’re in a different world where no one feels weird in what way they’re dressed” , stressed.

From an organizational point of view, the general director of Comic Con, Paulo Rocha Cardoso, saw a strong adhesion to the event that, according to the official, won by moving to the Lisbon region.

“It’s a new space, a new experience. We’ve tried to bring more of the industry’s own involvement into the arena.” We have dragons, we have SWAT, training agencies, casting of children’s films, shops that have not been here. pleased and expectant, “he said.

The Comic Con will run until Sunday and are expected, during the four days of the event, about 100 thousand people.

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