Hundreds of wool skeins used to shape works of art

Hundreds of woolen yarns form crochet creations that, until September 30th, are scattered throughout the streets of Vila Nova de Cerveira, in a community project involving more than “dozens” of people, a local chamber source said today.

A source from that municipality of Viana do Castelo district said that “the confection of the works for the third edition of the ‘Croché Sai à Rua’ initiative began in March and ended in the middle of this month, involving users of five Private Institutions of Social Solidarity IPSS), nine parish councils, merchants and the general population “.

In total, eight dolls were placed at the beginning and end of each street of the village, each about 2.5 meters high, fully dressed in crocheted, sporting gala dresses, traditional costumes and even animation characters childish “.

On the facade of the town hall was installed “a peacock, three meters high, surrounded by a garden made in crochet”.

Another of the highlights of the event is the façade of a private house that “was completely lined” with crochet, and there were “numerous colorful notes and considerable dimensions scattering the streets of the village of Artes, as is known Vila Nova de Cerveira, for stage of the country’s oldest international arts biennial.

According to the local authority, the ‘Croché Sai à Rua’ initiative attracts thousands of people from different regions of Portugal, but also from other countries.

“The various arteries of the historic center become an adventure with doubly gigantic works, in beauty and size, but also many attractive details in shop windows, balconies, gardens, public buildings,” the municipality specified.

In the historic center, “there are streets totally ornamented in crochet with festive bows, with flower awnings, butterflies, vases, motorbikes, bikes among the crocheted works of art”.

The ‘Croché Sai à Rua’ project, started in 2014 by the Town Hall of Vila Nova de Cerveira, is biennial.

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