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Hybrid Theory and Gray Daze pay tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park at MEO Arena

a special show on March 22, 2025

Hybrid Theory, the Portuguese who became the world’s biggest tribute to Linkin Park, will perform on March 22, 2025, at the MEO Arena, in Lisbon. It will be one of the greatest tributes ever to the band’s failed lead singer, the iconic Chester Bennington, and to Linkin Park themselves.

The show will take place two days after what would have been the American musician’s 49th birthday. Hybrid Theory invited Gray Daze, Chester Bennington’s first band, to join the tribute, making this a truly unique night.

ht meo arena
Hybrid Theory

“It’s probably one of the biggest events ever held in memory of Chester”, emphasizes Hybrid Theory. “It’s a spectacle that encompasses us all and we’re there for the same reason, especially so close to such a symbolic date. In technical, production and audiovisual terms, we are making it one of the biggest shows ever made in our country.”

Based in Lagos, in the Algarve, Hybrid Theory was formed at the end of 2017 and is today composed of Miguel Martins (guitar), Ivo Rosário (vocals), Pedro Paixão (vocals), Nuno Bernardo (bass), Diogo Neuparth (drums ) and Daniel Pimenta (DJ).

hybridtheory 20230909 festivalf©luismserrao ineews b 5245
Hybrid Theory < 2023.09.09 < Festival F ©Luís M. Serrão

The Amazing Story of Hybrid Theory

Some of the musicians who belonged to the group at the time had an original band that was about to end. They were looking for some extra income to buy technical material and that’s when they decided to give some tribute concerts to Linkin Park. After all, it made sense to take advantage of Ivo Rosário’s vocal skills, who has a timbre extremely similar to Chester Bennington’s. And they were all fans of the North American band that debuted in 2000 precisely with the album Hybrid Theory.

hybridtheory 20230909 festivalf©luismserrao ineews b 6011
Hybrid Theory < 2023.09.09 < Festival F ©Luís M. Serrão

After selling out their first dates at the beginning of 2018, they quickly found themselves snowballing, being called up for more and more shows. “It was impossible to stop because every concert we scheduled was sold out. We had concerts selling out in half an hour. People ended up adopting us as a faithful tribute project to the original band. And taking that into account, we started to think: maybe we’ll take this and do things seriously. But it wasn’t supposed to be a project of this size.”

With each step they took, they felt that they were at the peak of this artistic project — but, after all, there was always something more to achieve. When they performed at Faro’s Academic Week, they recorded a series of videos of the concert that went viral internationally, thanks to their talent in playing Linkin Park’s music and the similarity of the voices between Ivo and Chester.

hybridtheory 20230909 festivalf©luismserrao ineews b 5282
Hybrid Theory < 2023.09.09 < Festival F ©Luís M. Serrão

“What’s most incredible about all of this is that there are people who approached us and told us: I haven’t been able to listen to Linkin Park in a long time, since Chester’s death, and it seems like you’ve performed a miracle here.”

In 2019, they debuted abroad with a series of dates in Germany. At the beginning of 2020, it was their turn to tour Australia. Gradually, they became recognized and began to be invited to more and more shows — both in Portugal and abroad. They too have become a phenomenon, fueled by fans’ thirst to experience Linkin Park’s iconic music live.

“We are far from home and people know our names. They’re calling Hybrid Theory, it’s not even Linkin Park. They adopted us because we ended up making what happened easier for them.” They have played in France, England, New Zealand, and Brazil and toured several countries in Eastern Europe. But one of the most surreal experiences happened one of the times they were in India.

hybridtheory 20230909 festivalf©luismserrao ineews b 6656
Hybrid Theory < 2023.09.09 < Festival F ©Luís M. Serrão

They played in a completely sold-out stadium, with people as far as the eye could see. “We got there and they had made Hybrid Theory T-shirts. We were at the hotel, we turned on the television and we were on the news.” In the end, they even had to simulate leaving through one side of the venue and not through the planned door, such as the fans’ euphoria. “It felt like we were in a movie.”

For the coming months, concerts have already been scheduled in Brazil, China, Spain and Slovakia. The 2025 world tour is currently being finalized, but one of the most important dates will, without a doubt, be the show at MEO Arena on March 22nd. Tickets are currently on sale.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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