Hymn of Thanks

Several Portuguese artists got together to thank everyone who works and put their lives at risk so that everyone who is at home during the covid-19 pandemic, can have the most normal life possible.

With letter from:

  • Miguel Gizzas, Alex Veiga, Ernesto Rodrigues, Alexandre Alves and Nuno Oliveira.

Participate in this video:

  • Ana Laíns, Átoa, Carlos Mendes, Bruno Correia, Dora, Elisa, Filipa Sousa, Frederico BC, Gimba, João Fernando Ramos, João Só, José Cid, José Gonçalez, Júlio Isidro, Luis Filipe Borges, Luiz Caracol, Maria João, Mário Mata, Marta Carvalho, Miguel Gizzas, Sebastião Antunes, Selma Uamusse, Susana Felix, Susana Travassos, Tomás Adrião, Viviane, Yolanda Soares.

The musicians:

  • Keys: Ernesto Rodrigues
    Guitar: Alex Veiga
    Percussion: Alexandre Alves
    Bass: Nuno Oliveira also associates itself in this thanks to all these Portuguese heroes and around the world, who fight against the coronavirus or who make it possible for us to have better, less worried and happier days.

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