I need help the pants don’t fit me????

I went to the closet to choose clothes to go to work for the first time after confinement, as I was going to work the next day, I like to have everything ready so I don’t waste too much time in the morning, everything was going fine until I looked at the pants and it looked like they had shrunken!!!!

I found it strange, the pants had been hanging for over 3 months, I decided to try it on, and I just wanted to scream, well I think I did, because my husband and daughters came running to the room, stopped at the entrance and said nothing, I think who got scared by my face.

The pants didn’t fit, I took almost all the clothes out of the closet and everything was either tight or it didn’t fit, I felt my head exploding with anger. I cried, I screamed, I said nonsense and finally, I got weighed, the conclusion was obvious, I gained weight during the pandemonium.

My husband likes to cook, bake cakes, foods that tasted very good to me, of course, this has consequences, and they were reflected in the scales.

I’m sure this feeling, with more or less surprise, didn’t just happen to me, so I went on the Internet to look for credible solutions to get back to my normal self, I never had exaggerated concerns about weight, I always wanted to just feel good, but also I know that with age I get longer and I need more willpower to achieve my goals.

I started by looking for help on the Internet, I was interested in knowing what my ideal weight is, how to lose weight and how much exercise I had to do to reach my goals, after a lot of searching I found the site, which was a great help because it has a lot of calculators that helped me a lot, losing weight, which based on age, height and gender, body fat and type of activity, tells me how many calories I have to lose to reach my goal.

But this is just one of the calculators available on the site, you can also see Ideal Weight, Body Mass Index, Calorie Burn Rate, Body Fat, FFMI, BMR / TDEE, Gain Weight, Macronutrients, Caloric Needs and Running Time.

We all know that being overweight is bad, but when we read the consequences of this excess weight is scary, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer, I know that my problem is experienced by many who, because of the pandemic and confinement, gained weight, but I had no idea of ​​the seriousness of the problem, physical and mental health problems that worsened as reported by

I also noticed that my husband was drinking more before he drank at meals and parties, now he drinks after meals and while watching TV, talking to friends and family, everyone confirms that they are eating and drinking more alcohol and that friction between the couple has increased, that before it was easier to make up than now.

So not only me but the whole family decided to change their lives, even some of our friends also decided to change their habits, creating a small healthy competition to see who achieves the goals.

My husband started by changing our food, looking for healthy and delicious recipes, but also putting less food on the plate and eating more times a day.

But it’s also very important that we start walking, hiking, alone, with family and sometimes with friends, we start with small walks of half an hour, to then increase the time and difficulty, at this moment I’m going to walk almost every day, at least half an hour in the morning, and half an hour in the afternoon, but sometimes depending on work and housework, I can go on two-hour walks.

I still reserve a morning or an afternoon at the weekend to go walking, I even walk 5 to 8 miles, and I notice the weight decreasing and that I sleep better, concentrate more and better, and even the work is easier.

I don’t get up at night anymore because I’m hungry or go to the bathroom, although I wake up more often because my husband decides to “play” with me in the middle of the night, so it’s worth waking up.

All this exercise and care with eating should have good consequences, I feel much better with more patience, happier and today I went to try on the pants that made me change my life, and you know what? They are wide, I have to have them tightened.

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