“I think it’s a fair result because he beat the best team”

The Benfica coach was very pleased with a major win over the direct rival in the title fight.

Benfica Victory: Merit? It’s in training, in the players. That’s what I just told you. Thank you for two things, for your attitude in training. I thanked them for making me, coach. I have said that their merit is theirs and this two-month walk is only possible because of the work they put into the field.

Game: I think we did a very good first part, with great quality. We kept the balance with the goal conceded, we were looking for the result and I think that until 2-1 we are the best team. Then the game begins to be balanced. FC Porto makes decisive changes to try to get back to the result. Even with the expulsion, we controlled the game. I think it’s a fair result because you beat the best team.

Turn around the result: I really like using the word equilibrate. It was an early goal, with a stopped ball. We tried to control the game and we conceded the goal. If we’re emotionally relaxed we’re better off playing. That’s what I tell the players. And that’s what happened.

Expulsion from Gabriel: FC Porto responded very well, opened on the wings and we closed. It was also a tactical game from both sides, with two teams of tremendous quality. What we think went well and worked.

Hard tests away from home: If we did the games all at the same time, we had no chance. Let’s make our walk.

Biggest candidate: Yes, on par with FC Porto. But we have to keep our balance. We have to stay focused and try to evolve.

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