Ian presents “RaiVera Tour” at teatro Maria Matos

“RaiVera” is the solo project of classical violinist Ianina Khmelik. Ian explained that RaiVera is the joining of two Russian words, where Rai means “Paradise” and Vera means “Faith”.

The project shows a different side of the 1st Violin of the Casa da Música do Porto Symphony Orchestra, where Ian brings together electronic music, hip-hop and pop, on piano and violin.

The other different side of this solo project is the addition of her voice that she uses as an instrument, to make electronic music more melodious.

Her first album includes themes like Rai”, “Boarding Now”, “Good Girl”, “Freiheit”, “Bloody Paradise”, “What the Eyes Cannot See”, “Temporary Perfect and “Vera”.

With Pedro Oliveira, on video, whom we know as the lead singer of Sétima Legião, they sing “Again”.

In “Good Girl” he invites the audience to dance, considering that “it’s the most danceable song on the record“, but in fact, they all are, as proved by the audience present.

There were also “Spring or Desire” and “Stop, Stop Never” theme of EP No. 2 of the singer.

This concert is also an important highlight for the visual part that accompanied the entire show. The video promoting the theme “Weird” of EP No. 1, in 2018, was made by the students of the Screen School in Moscow, it talks about the differences between people.

RaiVera is an album that talks about Ian’s life in Moscow, it talks about his childhood, adolescence, his experiences, it talks about Differences as People, about Loneliness, about Freedom, about Faith.

Ian was one of the invited by RTP to compete in the Festival da Canção, having composed and sung, in the 1st semifinal, the theme “World”.

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