Iberian Lynx National Breeding Center opened vacancies for volunteer program

The National Iberian Lynx Breeding Center (CNRLI), in Silves, opened two vacancies for the volunteer program. The project will take place at the beginning of the Reintroduction Training of Iberian lynx cubs.

The volunteer must have training in the areas of natural sciences and a minimum availability of 3 months, from August to October 2020.

The program will take place in the area of ​​Ethology and Animal Behavior, and all volunteers will have training in this field, adapted to the functioning and concrete mission of CNRLI – reproduction of Iberian lynx.

Accommodation is available on the Center’s premises, and it is possible to receive a food allowance for each working day (4.77 euros).

This year 14 offsprings were born in the CNRLI, and since 2010, 136 births have been registered. The ICNF Action Plan has contributed to the conservation of the species at the national level and boosted population growth.

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