ICA allocates 600 thousand euros for António-Pedro Vasconcelos film

António-Pedro Vasconcelos, the feature film project ‘A fada do lar’ (António-Pedro Vasconcelos’ fado do lar) will receive 600 thousand euros of financial support in the framework of the competitions of the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA).

Support is included in the 2018 supplementary film competition for the production of feature films or documentaries by directors who have made and released at least six feature films or a feature-length animated feature.

To this support program were applied the projects ‘The Cure’, by Luís Filipe Rocha, ‘The Daughters of the Hanged Man’, by João Canijo, ‘Heart more than perfect’ by Luís Galvão Teles, ‘The Fall of an Angel’, by Francisco Manso, and António-Pedro Vasconcelos’s “A Fada do Lar”, and the jury deliberately attributed the money to the latter.

‘The fairy of the home’ is produced by MGN Filmes, by Tino Navarro, the same producer who worked with António-Pedro Vasconcelos in, among others, ‘Parque Mayer’ (2018), ‘Amor impossível’ (2015) and ‘ do not have vertigo ‘(2014), all with financial support from ICA.

Of the 30 programs and subprograms of financial support for film and audiovisual for 2018, opened on May 30, only nine are considered completed in the evaluation and selection process.

According to the Minister of Culture, the 2019 competitions will open on February 4 with around 20 million euros to be distributed by various programs supporting the production, scriptwriting, distribution, exhibition or international co-production for cinema and audiovisual.

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