ICA supports six productions of foreign filmmakers with 900 thousand euros

Six productions of foreign filmmakers, including the American Ira Sachs and the Brazilian Marcelo Gomes, will receive 900 thousand euros from the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA), for having Portuguese co-production.

According to the ICA, these 900 thousand euros relate to the 2018 contest to support the international co-production of feature films and short films, with a minority stake in Portugal.

27 film projects were presented to the competition, and the jury decided to support six productions. The one that carries the biggest financial slice, of 300 thousand euros, is the French-Portuguese production “Frankie“, by the American director Ira Sachs.

The film, which came to have the production title “A family vacation“, and which is due commercial debut in September, was shot in Portugal with minority production of Luís Urbano’s O Som e Fúria, directed by Rui Poças and the participation of Carlota Cotta and Márcia Breia, in a cast headed by Brendan Gleeson, Marisa Tomei and Isabelle Huppert.

The project also had another € 80,000 from ICA support in the Portuguese-French support contest and is presented as one of the beneficiaries of the ‘cash rebate’ system of the Ministry of Culture, an incentive to attract more foreign productions to the Portuguese territory.

In the ICA contest for Portuguese minority co-productions, in addition to the production of Ira Sachs, for example, “La práctica“, by the Argentine director Martín Rejtman, by Rosa Filmes, with 180,000 euros, and “El santa Isabel” by Spanish company Paula Cons, for Take 2000, with 171 thousand euros.

White dress, veil and wreath,” a feature film by Brazilian filmmaker Marcelo Gomes, co-produced by Ukbar Filmes and already covered with the support of the Portuguese-Brazilian protocol, will now receive 128,000 euros.

Blue Valentine“, a short film by Russian director Svetlana Filippova (65,000 euros), and the documentary “Red Africa” by Russian director Alexander Markov (50,000 euros) complete the list of productions supported in this contest.

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