ICQ is back more than 20 years later

It reached its peak in 2001, with 100 million users, in the “hands” of AOL, but from then on, popularity began to decline.

With an acronym made from the English expression “I Seek You”, the solution was made known by Mirabilis, a company created by four young Israelis, who wanted to launch a new form of communication over the internet.

It has belonged to the Group for some years, which has kept it updated with the “normal” resources for the communication functions it is intended to fulfill and, sometimes, with one or another differentiating aspect.

In addition to written messages and audio and video calls, ICQ New has suggestion of emojis according to the context of the message, as well as suggestion of responses and also transcription of voice messages, for when it is not possible to listen.

It is also possible to read and subscribe to interesting channels and create group chats, choose an available nickname for additional privacy or play with animated 3D masks, with different themes, among other possibilities.

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