Igor Moiseyev Ballet at Casino Estoril

As part of the celebration of the 240th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Portugal, and with the support of the Russian Embassy in Portugal, the show “The Dances of the Peoples of the World” will be held in November by the Ballet company Igor Moiseyev at the Estoril Casino. and it will surely be one of the cultural events of the year in our country.

This ballet will take the audience at the Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room to a fantastic and colorful trip around the world. The choreographies of the Russian ballet entered history as a joyous and picturesque encyclopedia of folk dance, retaining its flavor over time. There are 80 dancers on stage, with great choreography, already a world dance heritage.

The entire repertoire of the company takes place around 200 dances from the different peoples of the world, as well as the rigorous choreography always enriched by the extraordinary wardrobe of the different performances and coordinated superiorly by the experienced and demanding artistic director Elena Shcherbakova who joined the company. at 16 years old and who keeps alive the identity and spirit of the mentor and founder of the Ballet, Master Moiseyev.

Ballet Igor Moiseyev is undoubtedly the most performing company in the world. Representations in the best theaters and theaters are countless over the company’s 82 years of existence, having performed in over 70 countries, including the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Germany and Spain.

Igor Moiseyev has been awarded in dozens of these countries with multiple international awards in the field of choreography, has been an honorary member of various Academies around the world and his career has been recognized by leading international bodies such as UNESCO, who bestows Mozart Medal on his outstanding contribution. and dissemination of musical culture around the world. In neighboring Spain, in 1996 he was awarded the Gran Cruz of the Order of Civil Merit, delivered by the then King of Spain, Juan Carlos I. In Russia, Igor Moiseyev was distinguished with the most important awards and prizes, including: National Artist of the Soviet Union in 1953, Hero of Socialist Labor in 1976, the Lenin Prize in 1967, the Soviet State Prize on four occasions – 1942, 1947, 1952 and 1985 and the Russian Federation Prize in 1996.

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