Imgur, the app that wants to make the netizens happier

Do not overlook the effect a series of funny videos and GIFs can have on your day-to-day lives.

It is possible that in his walks the Internet has already come across websites like 9gag, which offer thousands of photographs, images, videos and GIFs for Internet users’ entertainment. Imgur goes in a similar direction and makes its community the biggest argument to convince other netizens to stay connected.

It was to talk about the Imgur and the effect of the Internet platform on the Web Summit that took place on the stage of Altice Arena the company’s co-founder and CEO, Alan Schaaf. “It was a tough year for the Internet. We’ve seen more ‘fake news’ this year than at any time in the past, “Schaaf said at the start of his conference. Basically, “social networks are making us feel bad.”

According to Schaaf, Imgur’s goal is to recover what many had at the beginning of the Internet, when digital platforms showed the world without social media filters, which “are meant to show your ideal self, not what happens in truth. ” Schaaf pointed to a study that describes the toxic effect of social networking on Internet users, saying Facebook is “not very positive” and Instagram is “depressed”, “lonely” and “anxious.”

On the other hand, the Imgur, aims to focus on “entertainment” and “discovery”, points that the study indicated would result in a more positive experience. The direction of Imgur seems to be correct, being at the moment the 16th most visited site in the USA and exhibiting 250 million visitors per month.

The well-being and goodwill provided by Imgur also seems to coincide with the interests of advertisers, who buy advertising space on the platform. According to the same study by Schaaf, good user disposition makes them 83% more receptive to seeing ads.

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