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Iminente Festival 2019

Panorâmico de Monsanto, Lisbon
19/20/21/22 September 2019

After making its way around the world via London, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, Festival Iminente returns to the Panorâmico de Monsanto, in Lisbon, between 19 and 22 September, for four days of collective cultural intimacy. The city’s highest point will be welcoming 100 artists of 11 di erent nationalities from
the visual arts, performative arts and music, both established and upcoming talents, gathered around the concepts of identity and diversity.

The urban festival of art and music, co-organised with the Lisbon Municipal Council, is curated by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and the Underdogs platform, and this year includes the special collaboration of Shaka Lion in the musical selection. In its fourth edition in Portugal, the festival returns to show the very best of what’s going on in the di erent subcultures connected with
the urban scene, with a line-up that brings together established artists with innovative projects and new talents who are emerging in Portugal at the moment.

LINE-UP 2019
Visual Acts:
Abdel Queta Tavares (GW) AkaCorleone (PT) Ana Aragão (PT) Blac Dwelle (PT) Colectivo Rua (PT) Francisco Vidal (PT-AO) Gonçalo Barreiros (PT) Herberto Smith (PT-STP) Maria Imaginário (PT) Rita RA (PT) Sara Morais (PT) Sosek X Kaur X Coxas X Thiago Nevs (BR) Tamara Alves (PT)
Thunders Crew (PT) Vhils (PT)
Music Acts:
Common (US) Bulimundo (CV) L-Ali (PT) Mayra Andrade (CV) Pedro Mafama (PT) Mike11 (PT) Dealema (PT) Classe Crua (PT) Apollo G (PT) Beatbombers (PT) A Nossa Cena (PT) A-WA (IL)
Badsista (BR) Blackoyote (PT) Cachupa Psicadélica (CV) Chalo Correia (AO) David Bruno (PT) Deau (PT) DJ Firmeza (PT)
DJ Nigga Fox (PT) vs. DJ Marfox (PT) Fado Bicha (PT)
Filho da Mãe (PT) Força Suprema (PT) Fred (PT) Holly Hood (PT)
It’s a Trap Experience with Oseias / Young Boda / Syl / Circa Papi / 20chatear (PT) Jair MC (PT) Jay Electronica (US) Jibóia (PT) Julinho KSD / Minguito / Shocks49 e convidados co-curated with It’s a Trap (PT) Just Blaze (US) Kappa Jotta (PT) Kumar (CU) La Familia Gitana (PT) Lab.I.O. Slam LxPoetas Large Professor (US) Linn da Quebrada (BR) Maddruga (BR) Mohamed Lamouri (DZ-FR) Mynda Guevara (PT) OMIRI (PT) Palheta Jazz Trio (PT) Papillon (PT) Praso (PT) Rafa G (PT) Rizan Said (SY) Scúru Fitchádu (PT) Shaka Lion Special Act (PT) Sreya (PT) TRKZ (MZ) Vado Más Ki Ás (PT) Vinicius Terra (BR)
“Anita Escorre de Branco” by Odete (PT)
“Brazilian Strip” by Mariana Barros (BR)
“De submisso a político: o lugar do corpo negro na cultura visual – parte 2” by Melissa Rodrigues (PT-CV)
Iminente B-boys Battle (PT)
Orchidaceae (PT)
Instalação “±Nothing is for Free±” by ±MaisMenos± (PT)


“Youth and culture: does the new generation feel it is represented in culture?” – curated by Gerador
“VIH and PrEP: public interest or pharmaceutical interest?” – curated by Fumaça
“Right to housing: can the people still live in the cities?” – curated by Fumaça
“Historical reparation: is it possible to pay off the debts of colonialism?” – curated by Fumaça
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