Impulse, desire… “Out of Control” is Marta’s new single

There is talk of impulse, of desire, of lack of control taken beyond the limit.

“Out of Control” is the new single that Marta takes from Montebello, released in 2022, which has already taken her to perform from Minho to the Algarve, with a jump to the Azores and the doors of internationalization opened with concerts in Barcelona and Las Vegas.

Admittedly neo-soul since its inception, “Out of Control” was one of the themes that most transformed with the entry into the studio and with the work of French producer Colin Girod (Thundercat, The Cinematic Orchestra, Rui Massena, Gileno Santana, and many others ).

Marta’s voice fluctuates between mystery and desire, over an instrumental bed that takes you to the universe of the hottest dreams until… the final explosion makes us wake up in a burning scenario.

The talented director Mimi Sá Coutinho identified with the vibe of “Out of Control” at first listen and managed to pass it on to the most daring video clip that Marta has ever recorded, opposite Levi Carvalho.

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